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Our websites and apps (BirdsEye™, BirdLog™ and some new stuff in the works) provide great opportunities to showcase your best photos to a large audience of bird enthusiasts.

Contributors of photos used in our apps get:

  • Credit wherever the full photo is displayed
  • Free copies of our apps

In addition, we are planning in future versions to display short bio/promotion text a URL and a profile photo for each contributor, and also to provide a list of top contributors on our website.

List of photos for:

Terms and Conditions

Our websites and apps can provide valuable exposure for your work. We do not pay for submitted photos, nor do we sell them. You retain ownership of your work. By submitting a photo, you are granting Birds in the Hand, LLC the right to use it on our websites and in our apps without limitation. Some of the best images may also gain added exposure if they are chosen for use in marketing our websites or apps. We will display the copyright text provided by you with full-screen images. We are not obligated to use submitted photos.

You may include watermarks or other embedded copyright information in your photos. You grant permission for us to edit or otherwise modify your photo to allow attractive display, including but not limited to cropping, resizing, modifying the resolution, renaming, adding annotations and/or adding arrows to highlight field marks. Note that in some cases our editing could inadvertently partially remove or obscure your embedded copyright information.

By submitting photos, you represent that you are the copyright holder, or are acting on the explicit instructions of the copyright holder, and that the copyright information you supply is correct. We cannot accept responsibility for any damages arising from submissions by you of photos that you do not own. If you are unsure of the ownership or copyright of a photo, please do not submit it. We will make every effort to respond to requests to edit or correct copyright information in a timely fashion, but we cannot guarantee that changes will be possible on short notice.

We agree to display your photos subject to your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Example of how your photo will appear in our apps (iPhone, iPod, IPad and Android):

Below is an example of how a photo is displayed on the iPhone version of BirdsEye™. Note that name and copyright appear under the photo. For some photos we may display thumbnail versions without the copyright information.

Example Photo


Please provide a tight crop around your bird, or in other words make the bird fill as much of the space in the photo as possible. This is important so the bird will be easily visible on a mobile screen or thumbnail image. See the examples below of a crop that is too wide (left) and a crop that is ideal for BirdsEye (right).

Bad Crop Good Crop

Photo Submission Requirements:

  1. Key points:
    1. 1:1.25 vertical aspect ratio
    2. .jpg format
    3. minimum of 320x400 size (prefer higher resolution)
    4. Copyright information included in image metadata
  2. Content: The photos we use should be helpful to birders in the field. We are looking for photos that:
    1. illustrate most or all of the key field marks
    2. show the bird as it is likely to be encountered in the field, in a posture, habitat and behavioral setting that are typical. For example, we seek photos of thrashers on the ground, flycatchers on an exposed perch, shorebirds standing on mudflats and finches at a feeder
    3. show birds that are typical for that species, not albinos or other odd plumages
  3. Photo composition: We seek attractive, clear images:
    1. unobstructed side view of the entire bird
    2. the bird stands out from the background
    3. easy to see/attractive when reduced to thumbnail size
    4. Attractive, clear, well-lit and high-resolution photo that does not require color adjustment or other editing
  4. Photo submission details:
    1. We prefer files 2 megabytes or smaller, but will accept up to 5Mb files.
    2. We prefer to receive photos that are 576 x 720 pixels or larger so they will display with good resolution on all devices we support.

For more information please visit our contact page.

David Bell
Birds in the Hand, LLC